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In Regards to Moving on to Mythic/A dope ass Reddit thread.

Groma / Nov 19, 2016
I found this post on Reddit as a response to a GM who was looking for advice on how to improve their raid team as they start mythic progression. This person worded things perfectly and I wanted to post it here. Please read and take this to heart. (click to make it bigger)

Keep in mind- this is not personal, nor directed at anyone, we're all doing very well and I just wanted to reinforce the idea.

This comment is from r/wow's Weekly DPS Thread. Every week people post and ask about various DPS related questions all separated by classes and it's a good place to find some tips or tweaks for your rotation or even ask some questions yourself. Its a good place to browse for some extra insight, and its current which is awesome. I recommend people look around on there from time to time if you're looking for some help or ways to improve your class.

As we go forward I'll likely continue to throw decent resources up. Remember that unlike a lot of guilds, we function as a team, and no one person is more valuable than another. Strive to better yourself as well as the group and we'll go far!




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