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**IMPORTANT** Raid Information

Ramsteiner / Oct 19, 2016
As most of you know Boktosh and Groma have recently stepped down from raid leading, I will be taking over the raid lead position effective immediately.

First and foremost there will be changes in the roster, and the general direction of the groups progression which will be discussed further this Friday 10/21/2016, before raid begins so I ask that everyone show up 10-15 minutes early.

Secondly, I understand there will be a lot of confusion and questions as to what and why things are going to be the way there going to be. I ask that you guys please try to not bother Boktosh/Groma in regards to raid, I have designated Nomalia as my co-raid lead. When you are unsure or have questions about anything regarding the raid group, please speak with Nomalia/Ransteiner.

Lastly, I would like to say now that a lot of you folks will be unhappy and or upset about the upcoming changes. But for the better of the whole group, these things must be done to ensure the people who are seeking end game content can achieve those goals.


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