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[Pinned] Post your professions here!

If you are willing to contribute your profession skills to the guild/raid team please post your characters names and their professions here! We'd like a list of who we can actively look for to make crafted gear/pots/tomes etc.Across my active toon...
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[Pinned] Sup, Sluts?
General Discussion

[Pinned] Sup, Sluts?

Welcome to the forums!If you're new here, add a post introducing yourself to the community :)I'm Gröma! Co-GM and Co-Raid lead in Exo. I main a Fury warrior and my alts are Voxperlex, Thenidiel and Okiimi. Please message me with any concerns or co...
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[Pinned] Raid Logs
General Discussion

[Pinned] Raid Logs

This is where all our raid logs will be posted after raids. Raiders are encouraged to look over logs and see what mechanics they can improve on, and see if they can improve dps/rotation. If anyone needs help reading logs let us know and we can help.
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Leave of Absences

Lateness and Shit

I currently work the closing shift for my restaurant on Saturdays. The goal after closing every night is to try and be out by 10:00 pm EST, but that varies on a lot of factors. These past weeks I have been leaving consistently around that time o...
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General Discussion

Raid Logs so far from Emerald Nightmare's going arms ;-;
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General Discussion

Some Useful macros

So after getting hit by breath because I was mid cast and my disengage didn't go off when I hit the buttons I decided to play with macros for a bit. I thought I would pass them on to ya'll.The first one is super simple and used to break cast and h...
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Rogue situation post Sept 27 hotfixes

Found this updated Rogue guide on the discord, like the majority of Rogues are playing outlaw until mythic gear(with legendary Sub boots), and then switch...
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General Discussion

Jangles and his shit job

For the next two to three weeks I will be arriving at roughly the same time I did tonight. I am currently in the process of leaving my current job and getting a much better day job to where timing will no longer be an issue. ^_^ Great job tonight,...
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Week one Rogue DPS

So, as my fellow rogues probably know, a lot of the top rogues and many of the simulations leading up to this week poised Outlaw as the number one spec in both single target(outside of corner case situations where super high single target burst wa...
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If you are looking for someone to craft you raid food/flasks etc. please post here what you need so we can all help eachother out!I have blacksmithing and all the 300 foods, and 375 crit food as of right now, if you need anything from those profs....
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General Discussion

Extremely Useful Spreadsheet by Medivh

Here is an extensive spreadsheet pertaining to Legion raiding, leveling and professions. I has alot of useful info and tips on leveling strats, as well as where the best places/ways are to gear up for raiding. Its subject to change of course, but ...
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Emerald Nightmare Boss Fights

Here is all of the Emerald Nightmare alpha/beta raid boss videos that FatBossTV has made. Super helpful and would like that every raider to have seen these before entering just to have an idea of the bosses and its mechanics.Nythendria (1): https:...
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Sup bitches, Your local neighborhood Sotros here claiming his spot as your go to hunter and pee in your butt champion!!!
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Post your transmogs and rate em or just fish for complements idfc.
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For Those Looking to Improve Mechanics

I just wanted to share that on YouTube there is an awesome channel that gives very basic rundowns and even shows diagrams of where to stand, explanations of mechanics, so on and so forth. Worth taking a look at!
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Vape in My Pussy and Call Me Your Memeslut.

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Vape in My Pussy and Call Me Your Memeslut.

Breathe in the dankness

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Class discords
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